Captiv Fenestration started in 2009 to fabricate uPVC windows and doors to service the markets of Tamilnadu and Kerala. We built our expertise in the business and our understanding of the market and its needs. We derive our value systems from AGNI steels, which happens to be our group company.

Built for ALLURA

Allura is whetted to its international standards with a perfect amalgamation of infrastructure including a ubiquitous shop floor, equipment, facilities, cutting edge technology and state of art imported machinery.

Precision crafting for the finest structures Cutting edge manufacturing processes on par with the world’s finest.

Strenuous Indian conditions demand that UPVC installations are robust enough. At Allura, we aim to accomplish that through state of the art manufacturing processes overseen by top-tier talent and ensuring best practices. Our facility is future ready to deliver 30000 MT Per annum.

Tool Design

Well Engineered Extrusion Dies, Calibrators, Tank Plates and Turbo Cooling Tanks manufactured by high quality Tool steel complying DIN 1.2316 and were warrantied for 2 million meters of production run

Highly Competent and certified Tooling Specialists for world class maintenance practices & Tool handling

Tool Readiness compliance @ 100% to ensure the product run at any given point of time

In house Capability of Die Design

Extruders & Downstreams

Imported Extruders that adhere to all European quality compliances including Upgraded technology with advanced metallurgy in screw and barrel.

Designed for better gelation, plastification and consistent output.

Most advanced Calibration Unit for maintaining the accuracy in dimensions.

Utilities for purified and chilled water with ultra membrane filtration systems and chillers from Europe.

Quality Lab

Sophisticated testing equipments from Europe & Japan for the quality compliances and assurances as per EN 12608 Standards


In house research and development team equipped with best brains supported by Design software, 3-D printers and prototype testing facility


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